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We have NEVER ended a client’s subscription in the red

Welcome to Cin City Sports Investments!  Here, we advise our clients on what sports match-ups to bet on, and how much to bet (in terms of % of bankroll – everyone’s bankroll is different).  When done responsibly and intelligently, it resembles investing much more closely than gambling.  We do not handle your money, nor do we place those bets for you. We’ll tell you what to do, then it’s up to you to do it.

Who we are:

There are hundreds of services like ours, but what makes CCSI different is our transparency and our unique approach to how we work with our clients.  Most other “sports tout” services charge you a certain amount per week, month, season, etc.  If their picks lose, you’ve lost your bet and your fee to them.  Double whammy!  With CCSI, you only pay to WIN!  When you make a deposit, and our pick wins, then that charge comes out.  However, if our pick loses (or pushes), you may have lost your bet, but NOTHING comes out of your deposit.  Furthermore, if the picks in your initial subscription do not turn a profit, you will receive FREE picks until they do!

How it works:

First, you will need a legal and trustworthy method to place your bets.

You will receive picks by e-mail, given in terms of units.  We recommend a flat betting approach, using 1 unit as 1% of your bankroll.  The cost for each WINNING pick is just $2.  Please note that this does not necessarily mean you must RISK $2 for each unit.  If your bankroll is $1,000, for instance, then 1 unit would be $10.

Example:  “Eagles -6.5 -110 (risk 1.1 units to win 1).” If it WINS, then $2 is deducted from your deposit.  If it LOSES (or pushes), then NOTHING is deducted from your deposit.

Deposit levels and bonus structure:

$50 deposit = 25 winning picks minimum

$100 deposit + 10% bonus (50 included + 5 bonus = 55 winning picks minimum)

$250 deposit + 20% bonus (125 included + 25 bonus = 150 winning picks minimum)

$500 deposit + 40% bonus (250 included + 100 bonus = 350 winning picks min.)

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